Clotron Dashboard Testing

We are excited to be in the middle of testing the new Clotron Dashboard that works with The Probe software and IoT Appliances.I have had numerous questions about which features we will release first after testing. The short answer is, we will launch the Dashboard with the "IoT Connect™" software and hardware.Our launch will be in three phases.Phase 1, we will introduce The Probe software with all inside functionality along with messaging and alerts. Phase 2, we will be releasing internal monitoring IoT Probe Appliances and Probe Discovery.More on Probe Discovery in another post.Phase 3 we will release External Monitoring. Along the way we want your input on the Dashboard and Reporting.

Many people have asked how many devices, Servers, IoT Devices, Computers can I monitor with Clotron?We don't really see a limit. The base function in IoT Connect provides monitoring but is only a small part of what we will be doing. We designed the Group Setup, Permissions and Control just with that in mind.Regardless if you are a large company with many divisions, locations, types of devices or an IT company with hundreds of customers we want the system to work for you.

If you are a company with a thousand building lobbies and rooms you want to keep track of temperature and humidity, IoT Connect and IoT Function™ can help.The best part is the IoT appliance we are targeting at less than $45.00.

Stay tuned.We will bring up the Twitter and Facebook feed and have more information posted.